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The Short History of Amtali A.K. Model Pilot High School The School was first established on the north bank of the river Amtali in 1911. Then it was named "Khasmohal School" and it was from class one to four. So far known, the school was established there with the direct care of K.M.C.O. Amtali with the co-operation of late Abdul Karim Khan, late Sher Ali Panchayet, late Afaz Uddin Talukder, late Abdul Gazi. It was upgraded up to class six with the financial help of late Azim Uddin Patoary and was named after his father "The Arman Patoary M.E. (Middle English) School" in 1919 AD. In 1934 AD it was transferred to the present location and funded by late Arshed Ali Talukder and late Jennat Ali Talukder and added their father's name late "Khorshed Talukder" with 'Arman Patoary' and the school was upgraded as H.E. (Higher English) school and it was named Amtali Arman Khorshed (A.K.) H.E.School. In the new place the land property was donated by late Sher Ali Panchayet, late Md. Akram Ali Howlader, late Md. Erfan Ali Howlader, late Md. Ismail Howlader, late Md. Asmat Ali Howlader, late Nur Mohammad Howlader, late Emam Khan, late Md. Rup Khan, late Md. Mafizuddin Paloan, late Md. Torap Mollah, late Md. Mokter Mollah, late Abejan Bibi, late Md. Belayet Hossain, late Asimuddin Paloan, late Md. Hamez Uddin Paloan, late Md. Apter Uddin Paloan, late Md. Emtaz Khan. In 1982 the govt. included the school in "Pilot" project as a thana head quarter school and "Model" project in 2010 as the best school of Amtali Upazila. Since the very beginning of the school it achieved good result and performance. The last three years S.S.C results are as follows: Year Total Examine Total Pass % GPA-5 Position in Barisal board 2013 103 102 99.03 39 9th 2012 96 96 100 28 13th 2011 113 107 94.69 24 15th The result of the JSC and SSC Vocational Examination are also very much satisfactory.

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