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The background of Ramanander Ank Secondary School It was 1965. A devotee Sonai Chand Aulia by name was in Charge of the local Temple. A number of social workers namely Late Harendra Nath Mondal,late Rajendra Nath Majhi,Late Haricharan Halder and many other person proposed for opening a High school in and around Ramanander Ank which was devoid of the light of education and the proposal was supported by the eradicated personnel of the village in honour of Soni Chand Aulia. Lately they got proposal from some donors of land properly for the school building namely Late Dbendra Nath Mondal, Late Narayan Mondal,Sj Makhan Lal Mondal,Sj Hharekrishna Mondal, Late Harandra Nath Mondal,Late Monaranjan Mondal,Late Siddswar Majhi,Late Nnityananda Majhi,Late Lalit Majumder, Sj Nityananda Majumder, Late Sindhu Majhi,LateHari Charan Gain and they an animously donated 1.87 acres of land for the buildings of the proposed school.In1966 the school was established on this land and the school was registered in the year of 1969.For the establishment of the school the manual labour of general public and the donation of gold ornaments of the local woman can be mentioned specially. Now the school is endowed with 12 teachers 1 third class and 2 fourth class office assistants. The rate of result of the students is 95% and there is a continuous P.T.A committee with the managing committee. They monitor the school regularly whether it acts well. There are 6 Computers and a library with necessary books. A science Laboratory with a stock of scientific apparatus and the students are enjoying the benefits of modern science. There is a multimedia projector for students which helps the students understanding their subject-matters fully. There is the project for tours from the school authority.95% students come to the school regularly for their devotion to education and for such developments of the school it can be imagined an ideal school.

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