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In the past Indian sub-continent a communial clash took place amoung the Hindu- Muslim in 1946.And that influence also spread out all over even at Agorpur (Brammandi)village under Bubagong upazila in the district of Barisal .Mr. Altaf Uddin Mohammad,the chairman(president) of Agorpur union faced himself the clash on behalf of the Hindu .During the clash,he was murdered by the Muslim. His (Altaf)heroic deed touched Roy Bahadur shaha’s heart deeply .To commemorate his heroic contribution for the humanity and society .Mr shaha and the family of Altaf Mia jointly donated Tk 40000/= with a view to establishing a school named “Shaheed Altaf Smrity Secondary Girls’ School” .TO implement the school in 1962,Mr.Mir Anwar Uddin Ahmed ,Mir Ashraf Uddin Ahmed ,Mr.Zabed Ali Mia,Mr.Ismail Talukder ,Mr.Abdul WahabKhan ,Mr.Najim Ali Mia.And many other persons in education interest founded”Shaheed Altaf Smrity Secondary Girls’ School “in south Alekanda area . Difference:-Large area(1.27acor)with suitable environment.

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