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On the last part of the year 1965.Some people who were interested in Education met a bar place of Tungibaria village to reach a goal how to remove the backward ness of Education from the locality and how to develop the ratio of female Education on the vision of removing illeteracy all the present people became agree to setup a highschool in the concern locality and all were become content to sacrifice welth according to their means there were present near about 57 people among them most honourable were 1. Md: abul Hasem Khan, 2.Md:Hafizuddin Mridha, 3. Md: Abdul Latif Sikder ,4. Md: abdur Rab Khondaker,5. Babu Umes chandra nag,6. Md.amzedali Howlader (established Headmaster),7. Babu Krisna Cahndra Kar.and so on. We are grat ful to them and may creator bless them . Why tungibaria secondary school is extra ordinary from the others school 1. tungibaria secondary school is and extra ordinary school from the others school, becouse there is no a single smoker among the teachers or among the students . 2. the school has separated characteristics such as all teachars punctual and dutiful. 3. the school is separated from the others school becouse or teachers of the concars school teach in the classes preparing lesson plan before their class . 4. Our school is different from the others school beacus all the teachers teach tax tual matter clearly as well as they teach the students cultural activities freely 5. Our school is different from the others school beacus not a scingal teacher takes role against the state doctorine .

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