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Nazirpur High School was established in 1927. At First it was started as a Junior High School for both Boys’ and Girls’ e.i (Co-Education). In 1928, this institution got permission and recognition from Education Department for appearing Junior Scholarship Final Exam. In 1950, this institution was recognized by the East Pakistan Education Department as a High School under Memo No:2095 dated 20/12/1950. In 1958, this school was included in govt. development scheme and in 1964-65 a two storied Science Laboratory Building was built under the Bio-lateral Scheme. In 1985, this institution included in MPO. The School bears School Code No: 2156, MPO Code NO: 5105011303 and EIIN No: 100957. Al-haj Abdul Qader Mridha, who was the founder of this renowned institution. That time people was illiterate. Most of the people do not know how to read and write. Illiterate is like darkness. He realized this condition. For this reason he decided to setup a school. He was also a spiritualist and flambeau personnel of Nazirpur. He is the only personnel who is too much closest with another spiritualist Gandhijee of Indian sub-continent, both of them fought against British Region and then Al-haj Abdul Qader Mridha established Nazirpur High School to spread the light of education in Nazirpur. In 1993 the school was shifted at Present Place. Presently the school has (i) two-storied building, (ii) two storied semi-pucca house and (iii) one no. Tin-shed house. There is a big playground in front of the school. It has about three hundred student studying arts, science and business studies department. Lack of opportunity it runs one shift. Nazirpur High School is considered as the first and most ancient institution on the soil of Muladi Thana. The light of education was started to spread out first from this institution and then enlightening the whole Muladi Up-zila. Unfortunately the process of lightening was interrupted several times due to the river erosion of Jayantee. Though it did much harm, it could not stop the journey of this institution. Still Nazirpur High School is standing as the pride of this soil and as a symbol of love of the people in this area. Nazirpur High School is not only a mere institution of proving education but it is also considered as a source of moral lesson. It has a wide reputation on co-curricular activities in the national identity which inspire all students to be a good citizen. People of this locality are eagerly waiting for the day of annual sports of Nazirpur High School. Besides lightening this society from its birth, Nazirpur High School has made many iconic persons who are working in the various arena of Home and Abroad. They also lead inside and abroad as a representative of Bangladesh Government and also trying to enlighten the whole world. Here lies the real success of Nazirpur High School. The glory of this institution will be remember forever.

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