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Begum Rajia Girls High School Is a Renowned High School at Kathalia in Jhalakati District. It is Situated in the village north chenchri in 2001. Mr. M. A Khaleque is the Founder Of this institution. there is no girls High School within Six killometer. the people of this locality are mostly poor and illiterate. Mr. M.A Khaleque is a rich and benevolent Person of Bhandaria and Kathalia Upazila. once the people of North chenchri went to him and riquested him to stablish a girls high school in this locality. Mr. M.A Khaleque stablished a girls high school at north chenchri in 2001. First he bought one a cre and one decemal and donated the land for the expawsion of education for the girls. He made a pucca building with three floors for the school. According to the rulse of the govt. he appoilted teachers and other staffs. He began to pay their salaries and other expenses of the school. He has olso been bearing the salaries of the teachers and other expenses of the school since 2001. The benevolent person like is very rare in the south bengal Mr. M.A Khaleque is the founder of seventeeth institutions of south bangle. The school was recognised as gunior high school in 2004. It has been recognised in 2011 as a high school in humanities group. commerce group is opened in 2012 and science group is olso opened in 2013. The result of the J.S.C and S.S.C Exam are most Satisfactory. one student got scholarship in the J.S.C exam in 2010 and one student got talent pool scholarship in 2013. Now the school is Functioning with thirteen teachers and 306 students. now their is an experienced headmaster named Gazi Safizuddin Ahemed (B.A.B.Ed). At present it is regarded as the best girls high school in Kathalia upazila.

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