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Kaya Adarsha Secondary School History of the School:- Location:- The village kaya is situated on the eastern side of Nalchity Upazila under Jhalokathi. The village is surrounded by the khairabad river on three Sides River western. Side is linked with Barisal. Patuakhali high way. The other side’s north charadi east Halta and South side baligram under Bakergong upazila. This area is enriched with splendid/ magnificient atmosphere. There is no such other School with in the vicinity of the area. There are a Dakhil Madrasa and four Gove primary School so the Village is enriched with cultural activities. Such as Zarygab, sarygan, Games, and sports. Established meant: Kaya Adarsha secondary school was name often The village four pillars as truth education peace and progress the school is prying to cherish this principles. It was established in 1966 with the Endeavour of the en theistic people of this locality. The land of the school was donated by some donates of this locality. Performance and findings: This in situation has god its recognition in 1972 as junior and in 1974 as high school. This school is prospered with science Arts and Commerce group. It has god first national award and FSSAP award. There is also ICT system. Other Facilities: - On the ester side of the school. It has got a modern mosques donated by Md. Moksadur Rahman ex- Student of the school. This school area is Surrounded by a wall which by doneted by Md. Mazibur Rahman ex- Student. Shahid miner was furnished with the name donated by Md. Nuruzzaman ex- Student. The school has a laibary name Nusrat sabir pathagar with the mane duly donated by among others prof-Dr. Hatem Ali Howlader and prof. Dr. Anower. It has been launching some stifan pro graffe as Nusrat sabir walfar trust Md. Younus Mollha trust, Mojibur Rahman trust, Kary Akram Ali Welfare Foundatoin Safura Afsar Uddin Kayalan trust Ali ahmed Welfare trust. Academic atomosphere :- Academic atmosphere is excellent. The School has got about four hunderd students of them fifty five persent are grals, Nine Teachers are working free are non teaching staff. Thay are energetic and enthusiastic. The quality of education is praise worthy. Communication:- There is a road from Barisal Patuakhali High way to kaya katakhali on which different vehicles are plying. There is also launch commucnication from Barisal to kaya high school station. Remarks: The school is running smoothlt from the very beginning. The people of this locality deem it. The centre of education of this locality and the future of the school excellent. So the school is a local need.

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