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Description: At the river kirton khola Bish khali combined delta region, not far-from Dapdapia Bridge at the western sight of Barisal Patua khali High way the eye-striking beautiful place of Bangla named Bharot kathi, Bharot kathi G,R, Secondary School was faunded on the 02/01/1972. History:- This village was the place of Hindus Living Tribe of Undivided Bangla. So far knowledge goes according to the name of Bharot, son of king Dasharat of Ayodhya. The village is colled Bharot kathi. In those times the prestigious and scored place Bharot kathi was for zaminder, highly educated person and higher cast Brahamin. In course of time, the decay of the social condition and the division of Bangla, most of the renowned Hindus persons left east Bangal. In this time this village fell in to great crisis. After 24years Independence was achieved through the bloody fight of the great freedom fighters 1971, from under the rule of pakistan govt. In newly independent state, to free village manpower from the curse of illiteracy and step is taken for the establishment of this institution. Education is one of the basic demands of human life. Education makes man great, fair and creates the spread of humanity. In this situation, this school was founded by the enthusiasm of people along with the main participation of A,B,M Rashid uddin ahmed. A, B, M Rashid Uddin Ahmed founded Bharot kathi G,R, Secondary School with his own money. For this he is the founder of this school. Donor: Mafiz uddin Howlader and Md. Nur-hossen Howlader were the donor of this school. Starting staff:- Mr. Jhantu Ranjan Banerjee was first Headmaster of this school and Md. Lutfar Rhaman, Md. Azhar Uddin Akon, Md. Shohorab Hossen, Md. Samsul Haque were teacher’s and Mokter Hossen Mollha were the staff of this school. Since 2001 this school started Vocational course with four Trades. Present students are studying four trades 240. It contained only in class nine and ten. Currently it is regarded as the best school of the Nalchity Upazilla.

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