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On December 1965, After the end of Primary annual exam, The Headmaster of centerpara Primary School, inhabitants of Hetalia Sekander Ali Mia, proposed to Dr. of Homiopathic Nakuleshor Vattacharge that what will be happend if they establish a high school. Then Dr. Nakuleshor Vattacharge replied with profound respect where can they set up that school? By the by Sekander Ali Mia told that it will be possible at the vacant place of Primary School. They Dr. Nakuleshar agreed his propasal and said where will they find students? Then Sekandar sir replied that the students of primary would be continue this high school and said with laughing that you son Arunody vattacharge can get the charge of Headmaster. After that Dr. Nakuleshor said that I need time to think about that. The nextime Mukter Babu Sukhmoy Somadder and M.L.A. Shanu Mia and another Mukter Dinesh Chandra Majumdder those are those are nearest persons of Dr. Nakulashor. They discussed in a meeting and the Honorable Sukhmoy Samdder proposed the front side of Dr. Babu and the play ground know as Sharj prangaon, the ower of Ukil Kalu Shen Guptto. Who was missing then his nearest relatives who are in India. If they could inform it about establishing school. They would give this land for this purpose. Then everybody welcomed that proposal and gave charge for monitoring the work to Mr. Shekander Ali Mia. He received this charge with joy and started work. Then he arranged a meeting on December 15, 1965. The President was that meeting was Dinesh Chandra Banarzee. Then Dinesh Chandra told that in 01.01.1966 would be inauguated the school. Honorable M.L.A. Mr. Shanu Mia supported him with joy. It is said that this time is the begging of this school. Everybody of that meeting agreed and decided that they would give proposal to the relatives of kalu Shen at the place of Sharj Prangaon. The daughter of Kalu Shen. Honorable vacktty Didi and her brothers supported the proposal for establishing school and donated the place for school.

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