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Welcome to Kanudashkathi Nalbunia High School The name of Kanudashkathi Nalbunia High School named after to well known villages one is Kanudashkathi and the other is Nalbunia. In ancient time there lived many Jamidars and High Qualities people. One of them Kanon Kumar Dash was the eldest among his brothers and most eminent person. He was known as kanon babu. For this the village was named after his name. Though the village is in the rural area of Rajapur Upajilla. It is notable and tradional. Inspite of many noble persons living place there was no High School. The students of this area used to go Vandaria Bihari Institution to learn. The Chairman Galua Union Parishad of that period was Janab Najem Ali Sikder, and interested in education. Non-greedy, and popular leader and his younger brother Sikder Mofajjel Hossain, Primary Teacher late master A. Gafur Khan and Meherul Alom Khan son on estiblished this school. One high peace of land near katakhali bazar by the bank of Katakhali Khal. Later, District Awamileague chairman of jhalakathi district, janab mohammad ali mia helped in various officeal activities. Janab Fajlul Haque Akon of kanudashkathi came forward with sympathy mind avoiding much struggle. After all B.H Harron, present MP Jhalokathi-1 the second son of late Maolana A. Rab Bulbul-E-Bangladesh came forward to take part in various purposes he reconstructed a 120ft x 26ft tin shed building with his own expense. Besides hi funded the reserve and general funds of this school. He also helped to build three buildings called FSSAP building, Wage earners building and the under new construction building. He also fulfills all shorts of d emands when of this school needed.

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