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Online interactive website *. Name : Begum Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mia Mohila College,Barisal *. Short description : This college is situated on the C&B road at South Alekanda under 12 No. Ward of Barisal City Corporation . This college is a degree college.Science ,Humanities and Business Studies groups are prevailing in H.S.C level and B.A , B.S.S and B.B.S courses are prevailing in Degree level here .The number of teachers and staffs under MPO is 52 and the number of girl students is 825 here. There are two three-storeyed buildings and a two-storeyed building here. Description of the building : 124'Í30'= one three-storeyed building 97'Í30'= one three-storeyed building 51'Í30'= one two-storeyed building The total land of the college is one acre.This college is the only non-govt. women's college of the divissional town of Barisal .The girl students of the city and downtown area get the oppportunity to study here. *. Foundation period : 11 January, 1985 . *. History : Among the great men who came forward to spread female education totally in Barisal region, Habibul Islam Anis Talukder is one of the renowned social workers. Begum Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mia Mohila college was established in 1985 in full co-operation with "Barisal Kishore Mojlish Complex" with a dream of golden morning. Under his powerful leadership and heart felt encouragement of the then popular and lover of learning DC Mr. Aziz Ahmed, this institution got the flight of steps of success .The mother ,who contributed really to the people's welfare of southern part, stretching her doors of heart, became the mother of all in succession of welfare . The possessor of eternal motherhood "Begum Tofzzal Hossain Manik Mia" and her renowned son, the possessor of strong personality, glory of southern region , ex-communication minister of People's Republic of Bangladesh Mr. Anowar Hossain Manju gave this collge TK.10 million as a grant at a time .His grant and blessing are running still today for this institution. This non-govt. women's college has eased the way of female education outside the city area also. Mr. Abdul Majed Howlader was appointed principal at the foundation period and under his good direction ,the college developed more and more. In 1989, a long teaching experienced personality Mr. Md Sirajul Haque became the principal of this college .Mr.Nikunja Bihari Debnath maintained the responsibility of the post of principal from 1994 and after this in July 1995, professor Syed Aminul Haque joined the post of principal .In 2000, Mr. Nikunja Bihari Debnath again maintained the responsibility of the post of principal .After that in April of that very year, Mr. Md. Mokter Hossain maintained that responsibility very sincerely. Through his hearty efforts, the college has brought liveliness and success in every field. On 18.11.2009 last, Mr.Md.Abul Quasem joined the post of principal .The college is developing gradually through his hearty endeavour .At present the college has achieved the prestige of the best non-govt. women's college of the southern region of Bangladesh . At present there are two three-storeyed buildings and one two-storeyed building in the college for class rooms. Experienced teachers are engaged for teaching. From the foundation period, the college has Humanities ,Science and Business studies groups prevailing in H.S.C level .The Degree courses have started from 1987 with B.A(pass), B.S.S(pass) and from 1989, the teaching of has started. The total educational environment ,the sufficiency of useful educational materials, the standard of the teachers, the relationship among the students, teachers and guardians ,the participation of the students in co-curricular activities, the good administration policy, the law and order situation prevailing in the campus are of very high quality. There is a beautiful attractive garden inside the college which is enclosed with a wall where there are variety of flowers of home and abroad and a collecton of many beautiful trees. Intellectual taste and the sign of beauty are available everywhere of the institution to develop and broaden education. The number of students is increasing day by day owing to beautiful environment and excellent communication system. There is a hostel for the students in the college. There are sufficient books for the students reading in the college library .There are useful apparatus of chemistry,physics,mathematics and biology for practical classes. Besides these, there are various instruments for Business Studies group and Home Economics department. There is a rich computer lab running for computer education in this college. Special inportance is given on games and sports here. There are enough arrangements for playing chess,ludu ,karom,table tennis,badminton,handball and there is a well trained physical teacher for games and sports in the college. Educational and cultural week and variety of competitions are arranged in the college. The students of this college have been showing a special kind of proficiency in various cultural activities from the very beginning. Here there is a special arrangement for practising dance,singing songs, and learning recitation. The college was recognised as the best educational institution in district level in 1994.

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