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The village chandpura. union of Alipura was very undevloped and negletive. The finansial basement of people was very poor. The comonication was not developed. In that time there was no high school let-alone a junior school in Alipura union Mr. Shamsul Haque a young graduate discussed with Alhaj Abtab Ali Khan an education intersted man and some elit persons, A. Hatem Ali Mridha, Md. Fazle Ali sorder, Md. Entaj Ali Mollah, A. Kader Khan, Md. Julfikar Ali Khan, A. Satter Mollah, A Khalek Miah, Syod Ahmed Mollah, A. Mojid Mollah, Md. Kashem Ali, Md. Hashem Ali Khan, Md. Israil Melker, Md. Abul Bashar Mridha, Babu Jugal Krishna sammadder of Chandpura with a vew to establishing a high school in 1965. The village Chandpura was such a place where there was no high school or Junior school. The nearest school was chiknikandi high school in south side 14 killomiters far from this village and Dashmina high school was in the cast side 13 killomiters away thinking about the deprived people of this locality newly graduate, Mr. shamsul Haque Khan started this institiute name Chandpura A.B.C High School in 1965 with help of the elit persons of this locality. The school was recognized as junior school in 1970. Then facing defferent provelems the institiute got ricognition as a high school in 1972. New science, arts and commerce are taught in this institiute. S.S.C (Voc) was added in 2002 in this school. There are two treds, civil and electrical.

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